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Federalism and Democracy in Latin America

Federalism and Democracy in Latin America

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We live in an increasingly federalized world. This fact has generated interest in how federal institutions shape politics, policy-making, and the quality of life of those living in federal systems. In "Federalism and Democracy in Latin America", Edward L.Gibson brings together a distinguished group of scholars to examine the Latin American experience with federalism and to advance our theoretical understanding of politics in federal systems.
By means of theoretical essays and case studies, the authors address questions of how and when federal institutions matter for politics, policy-making, and democratic practice. They also offer conceptual approaches for studying federal systems, their origins, and their internal dynamics. "Federalism and Democracy in Latin America" provides case studies on the four existing federal systems in Latin America - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela - and their experiences in dealing with a variety of issues, including federal system formation, democratization, electoral representation, and economic reform.