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Expat Entrepreneur: How To Create and Maintain Your Own Portable Career Anywhere In The World

Expat Entrepreneur: How To Create and Maintain Your Own Portable Career Anywhere In The World

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Tens of thousands of people now move overseas for work or pleasure. If this is you, read on... Going to live in a new country can be the catalyst for a sea-change in your career. Opportunities that existed in one country may dry up in another. Sometimes it makes sense not to pursue one single career path but to adopt a shifting, growing, portfolio of portable careers. Section 1 arms you with practical advice on how to choose a business idea that works for you and how to develop the right mindset. Section 2 shares the remarkable stories of more than 23 international entrepreneurs as they share how they've maintained and built rewarding, portable careers in all four corners of the world. Section 3 provides extensive links, resources and tips for expatriate entrepreneurs living in 35 countries If you are considering working for yourself in a foreign land then this inspirational guide belongs in your suitcase, wherever you may be, wherever you may go and whatever you may hope to become. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Since 1987, professional writer, publisher and journalist, Jo Parfitt has taught word processing to housewives in Dubai, made and sold date chutney in Oman and taught creative writing in Norway. A former editor of Woman Abroad magazine, she has also been involved in network marketing, sold books for Dorling Kindersley, run a CV writing service and made Christmas decorations from the flowers in her Middle Eastern garden. Jo's articles on portable careers have been featured all over the world in publications such as Living Abroad, Emirates Woman, Gulf Air Golden Falcon, Expatrium, Eurograduate, Transitions Abroad, Nexus, Hobson's Career Guides, Women's Business, Woman's Journal, Bonjour, Resident Abroad, Independent on Sunday, The European and The Weekly Telegraph. From her current home in The Netherlands she specialises in helping others to write their books and get published.