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Six Sigma for Business Excellence

Six Sigma for Business Excellence

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The Six Sigma process excellence program, based on Johnson & Johnson's unique approach

Six Sigma for Business Excellence shows managers at all levels of Six Sigma proficiency how to create a process excellence program that addresses both company goals and day-to-day operations. Using Johnson & Johnson's Process Excellence Program as a model, Johnson & Johnson's director of quality, Penelope Przekop, walks readers through the real world of implementing a Six Sigma program. Examples and insights from Johnson & Johnson as well as other Six Sigma companies detail:

  • How to apply Six Sigma principles and techniques immediately with little supervision from senior managers or black belts
  • How to resolve communication issues between management and the Six Sigma team
  • Ways to become a Six Sigma champion without assistance from senior management or black belts
  • Methods and tools that managers at all levels can incorporate into their departments, improving quality and performance from the inside out