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Media Literacy

Media Literacy

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The media world bombards us with messages that invade our real-world space to the extent that we sometimes feel we have lost control of reality.A TheseA media messagesA can beA multi-layered and aren'tA always what they seem.A W. James Potter highlights the importance of learning to unwrap these layers and choose what we want to believe, reclaiming our ability to perceive the real world.

Media Literacy helps students develop a strong knowledge base about the media.A Potter presents a guidebook to the often difficult terrain of the mediated world, providing a plan of action for students to develop their media literacy and analytical skills.A HeA shows how becoming media literate gives students a clearer perspective on the borders between their own world and the simulated media world. Throughout the book, he encourages students to apply the exercises to their own experiences, thus developing usefulA skills beyond simple rote learning.

New to this edition:

  • Three new chapters on important media issues: Media Influence on Sports; Media Violence; Privacy and Piracy with the Media
  • New examples represent a wide range of media channels from video games to Internet to television
  • AnA Instructor's Resource CD contains guides for every chapterA includingA chapter summaries and synopsis of key ideas,A guidelines for chapter exercises, and additional exercises.A The CD also has writing exercises, a knowledge style diagnostic for both students and professor, and a student knowledge and skills guide.

Promising to be another bestseller, Media Literacy, Third Edition will enhance the media skills of undergraduate and graduate students studying Media Literacy, Media Effects, and Mass Media Communication.