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The Family Communication Sourcebook

The Family Communication Sourcebook

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The Family Communication Sourcebook provides an in-depth examination of contemporary theory and research in the area of family communication. This unique collection offers a state-of-the art approach by pairing conceptual pieces with original studies in the same general topic area. Editors Lynn H. Turner and Richard West present readers with a thoughtful and thorough exploration of the critical issues facing family communication researchers today.

Key Features:
  • Illustrates the breadth and depth of contemporary research: A combination of groundbreaking research and reviews of past research in family communication allows readers to gain thorough knowledge in various areas. This reflective review of family communication provides historical perspective and illustrates the development of the field.
  • Uses a focused organizational pattern: Divided into four parts, the book comprehensively examines Defining and Interpreting the Family, Theoretical and Methodological Considerations, Internal Family Dynamics, and External Structural Frameworks. The first two chapters provide very different approaches to defining family, offering opportunities for active discussion of the limits of the definition of family.
  • Extensively reviews theoretical and methodological approaches: The strength of this collection is in its comprehensive examination of family communication theory and research. In addition, a framework for doing research in family communication is provided.

This is the ultimate resource for scholars, students, and practitioners looking for cutting-edge family communication scholarship.