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Facework: Bridging Theory and Practice

Facework: Bridging Theory and Practice

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“The advantage of this text is its consistent, strong, and thoroughly researched focus on Communication. The benefits for readers come from this focus, as well as from the accessible language, vivid examples, and engaging suggestions.”
—Liliana CastaA±eda Rossmann, California State University, San Marcos

“Written in an accessible and engaging style, there is much to recommend this text as an excellent illustration of practical theory.”
—William R. Cupach, Illinois State University

Written in a clear, engaging style Facework: Bridging Theory and Practice introduces a new paradigm that identifies facework as the key to communication within the management of difference. Authors Kathy Domenici and Stephen Littlejohn illustrate how facework is a central process in the social construction of both identity and community.

Key Features:
  • Goes beyond traditional understandings of face to enrich the concept of facework: This book formulates a new practical theory of facework and provides principles of practice derived from the theory. Skills and methods appropriate for a face-centered practice of communication in the management of difference are addressed.
  • Offers a wide spectrum of examples: Building dignity, honor, and respect is an ongoing accomplishment within the conversations and episodes of group life, in relationships, organizations, communities, nations, and international relations. This book includes cases on the personal, organizational, societal, and global levels.
  • Demonstrates a fresh perspective in a clear, engaging, and accessible style: The book honors the research literature on facework and presents key findings in a meaningful way.

Intended Audience:
This is an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate courses in Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Management Communication, and Group Communication, among others. It is also a valuable resource for management consultants, mediators, facilitators, trainers, and organizational development professionals.