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An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community

An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community

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You may be able to succeed – in business, or even in life – without ever really trying, but you certainly cannot successfully navigate our increasingly global community without being able to communicate with those from other cultural or ethnic backgrounds.A A

In this Fifth Edition, author Fred E. Jandt once again sparks student interest in this ever-changing field with an easy-to-read, highly accessible and exciting introduction to the art of effectively communicating across group barriers. An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community explores the key concepts of communication and culture, addressing: group barriers that make such communication challenging; dimensions of culture; multiculturalism; women, family, and children; and moreA — while retaining its unique, non-biased appreciation for all cultures and ethnic groups. Students acquire valuable verbal and nonverbal communication skills, learn to communicate in unfamiliar settings, and recognize culture’s influence on self-perception.A A

New to this Edition:A A

  • The Fifth Edition is briefer than its predecessor (in response to instructor feedback) while still uniquely boasting both international and U.S. domestic examples — a feature popular in prior editions
  • Theories are more prominent in this edition, highlighted in new “Focus on Theory” sections that enrich student understanding and ground the practical material while retaining the text’s immense readability
  • Domestic and global examples have been updated throughout, including new material illustrating the effects of increased Muslim immigration to Western Europe — giving the book timely appeal to students and professors alike
  • Photo Essays have been added to illustrate the main concepts of each part of the text, bringing key points to life for the reader and enriching student comprehension A

Valuable Ancillaries Enhance the Learning Experience: A Improved Instructor Resources on CD are available to qualified adopters and include thoughtful test questions, engaging student activities, a useful sample syllabus, and more. A An accompanying reader, Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader (SAGE, 2004; ISBN: 0-7619-2899-5), is also available and can be used alone or in conjunction with this text. The readings support the major concepts of cultural values, language, identities, peace, and globalization that are presented in this vital book.A A A

Intended Audience: This text is invaluable for introductory courses in Intercultural Communication in departments of Communication, Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Business.