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Today's Public Relations: An Introduction

Today's Public Relations: An Introduction

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Today's Public Relations: An Introduction works to redefine the teaching of public relations byA discussing its connection to mass communication, but also linking it to its rhetorical heritage.A The text features coverage ofA ethics, research, strategy, planning, evaluation, media selection, promotion/publicity, crisis communication, risk communication, and collaborative decision making as ways to create, maintain, and repair relationships between organizations and the persons who can affect their success. The book also examines the challenges of creating a solid foundationA in the field of public relations while workingA to becomeA a professional in a global society.

Key Features:

  • Chapter-opening vignettes illustrate key points to be covered in the chapter.
  • Web Watcher boxes highlight the importance of the Internet in PR today and encourage students to use the Web's resources.
  • Ethical Quandary boxes lead readers to think through difficult situations in order to better prepare them for the challenges of public relations.
  • Professional Reflections, written by practitioners, give a real-world perspective on the topics covered.
  • End-of-chapter questions and summary questions, exercises, and recommended reading lists help readers to better comprehend the chapter material and delve more deeply into the topic at hand.

Intended Audience:A A Undergraduate and graduate courses in public relations in journalism and business departments