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Technology, Adaptation, and Exports: How Some Countries Got It Right

Technology, Adaptation, and Exports: How Some Countries Got It Right

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The literature on technological change and growth has mainly used econometric models to establish that factors, such as the degree of openness, skills, research and development expenditures, number of patents etc., are critical determinants of innovation and its effect on growth. However, this approach fails to explain the role of institutions and policies that created the environment for innovation. Using 10 case studies from developing countries, this book examines how governments fostered technological adaptation through public-private partnerships to develop world-class exporters in high-growth, non-traditional industries. "It is now widely recognized that technological learning and upgrading is an essential part of the economic development process, and that government programs have a profound influence on the effectiveness and direction of technological learning. The ten case studies contained in this volume get into the details of how learning has proceeded and the programs that have helped and shaped the process. Both scholars and those responsible for making policy will find this volume extremely illuminating." Professor Richard R. Nelson George Blumenthal Professor of International and Public Affairs, Business, and Law Columbia University, New York, NY