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Politics in the European Union

Politics in the European Union

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This highly respected text provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the European Union, and the process of European integration. It covers all the core elements of an introductory undergraduate course on the European Union: theory, history, institutions, and policies.
The second edition has been thoroughly updated and revised, and combines a review of current academic debates with empirical data.

New features of the second edition:
  • A significantly expanded and more diverse discussion of EU theories.
  • An expanded history section to cover the period from the Treaty of Amsterdam, including the enlargement of the EU to 25 member states, and the proposed EU Constitution.
  • A more comprehensive treatment of EU policies, including new chapters on policies and policy-making in the EU and the Common Foreign and Security policy.
  • The most recent developments affecting EU institutions and organized interests.
  • New learning features, including a glossary of terms and a unified chronology of political events.
  • Two-colour text to aid navigation.
  • 2 edition.