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Handbook of Strategy and Management

Handbook of Strategy and Management

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Now available as a 60 day review copy in Paperback! ISBN: 1-4129-2121-X

"Finally! We have a comprehensive, reflective and critical overview of the field of strategy in the new Handbook of Strategy and Management."
—Cynthia Hardy, Head of Department of Management, University of Melbourne

Presenting a major retrospective and prospective overview of strategy, this Handbook is an important benchmark volume for management scholars worldwide. The Handbook frames, assesses and synthesizes the work in the field. Chapters are grouped under four specific areas of strategy and management: Mapping a Terrain; Thinking and Acting Strategically; Changing Contexts; and Looking Forward.

Within these parts, leading international scholars provide historical overviews of the key themes, address the central approaches which have characterized these themes, critically assess the quality of current theory and knowledge, and set out agendas for future theoretical and empirical development.

The resulting volume is a unique overview of the inputs and dynamics to shape strategy and management and will be crucial reference for academics and students. A