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The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication

The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication

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The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication is a vital resource for those seeking to explore the complex interactions of gender and communication.A Editors Bonnie J. Dow and Julia T. Wood, together with an illustrious group of contributors, review and evaluate the state of the gender and communication field through the discussion of existing theories and research, as well as through identification of important directions for future scholarship. The first of its kind, this Handbook examines the primary contexts in which gender and communication are shaped, reflected, and expressed:A interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric, media, and intercultural/global.A A

Key Features:
  • Brings together theA expertise of leading scholars: Esteemed scholars edit each section and leading researchers in the field author each chapter. The distillation of scholarship in each area by seasoned scholars clarifies what is and is not known in that area of research.
  • Offers historical and theoretical perspectives: Authors discuss the development of gender and communication research during the past three decades and examine the theories, questions, and issues about gender and communication that are ascending to define the next stage of work in the area.
  • Provides comprehensive reference lists: Each section summarizes existing theory and research related to an area of gender and communication scholarship and guides readers to the central works in the field, as well as directs future scholarship toward the most urgent, important, and promising topics, methodologies, and/or perspectives.A A A A A A A A