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Statistics for the Social Sciences

Statistics for the Social Sciences

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Do your students lack confidence in their ability to handle quantitative work? Do they get confused about how to enter statistical data on SAS, SPSS, and Excel programs? The new Third Edition of the bestselling Statistics for the Social Sciences is the solution to these dilemmas!

Popular in previous editions, this Third Edition continues to help build students’ confidence and ability in doing statistical analysis by slowly moving from concepts that require little computational work to those that require more. Author R. Mark Sirkin once again demonstrates how statistics can be used so that students come to appreciate their usefulness rather than fearing them. Statistics for the Social Sciences emphasizes the analysis and interpretation of data to give students a feel for how data interpretation is related to the methods by which the information was obtained. The book includes lists of key concepts, chapter exercises, topic boxes, and more!

New to the Third Edition:
  • Includes additional exercises to reflect the new computer coverage
  • Provides new tools to teach students how to do analysis not only through SAS and SPSS, but also using Excel descriptive statistics features
  • Offers a wide range of examples from various fields in the social sciences to demonstrate the role of statistical analysis in the research process

Statistics for the Social Sciences is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying statistics across the social sciences. It can also be used in research methods courses that cover quantitative applications in some depth. An Instructor’s CD-ROM containing data sets, Powerpoint slides, exercises, and answers will be available free-of-charge to professors adopting this text.