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Influencing and Collaborating for Results (Leading from the Center)

Influencing and Collaborating for Results (Leading from the Center)

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Collaborating and influencing across boundaries will lead to the results your organization needs. The business environment is more dynamic, complex, and fast-paced than ever before. The combination of technological advances, better informed and connected customers, greater geographic reach, and a changing legal environment have changed the rules of the game. This has caused a fundamental shift in the competitive landscape and challenged some long-held assumptions about how organizations deliver results. More and more of today’s business solutions require a greater level of coordination across multiple parts of an organization or across more than one organization. Successful results depend on a manager’s ability to identify and understand the interdependencies and work effectively across all boundaries. You can’t do it alone. You need the help and expertise of a larger network. Leading from the Center: Influencing and Collaborating for Results is a primer for 21st-century management that will help you develop your ability to influence and collaborate to achieve the results you want. You’ll learn how to: •Build a network of sustainable relationships, rather than focusing on single transactions. •Identify and consider the interests of all stakeholders connected to your initiatives. •Create and communicate a compelling message to engage others in crafting solutions. •Generate sustainable results by incorporating others’ ideas, experiences, and expertise. •Build credibility and deepen your network Complete with chapter-ending checklists, this practical guide tells you everything you need to know to engage and influence others to reach a common goal.