Aggression In Organizations: Violence, Abuse, And Harassment At Work And In Schools (Journal of Emotional Abuse Monographic Separates)

Aggression In Organizations: Violence, Abuse, And Harassment At Work And In Schools (Journal of Emotional Abuse Monographic Separates)

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Learn guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and intervention!

As violence and abusiveness become increasingly prevalent in our schools and workplaces, our sense of safety suffers a heavy toll. Aggression in Organizations: Violence, Abuse, and Harassment at Work and in Schools presents a wide range of research, perspectives, and approaches to violence and abuse at work and in school. Respected authorities discuss practical strategies that foster a sense of safety, dignity, growth, creativity, and social support in every organization.

Topics include: the quantitative and qualitative methods that document the long-term effects of trauma and the effectiveness of interventions

the role of perceptions in gauging workplace hostility

a personality test to identify an aggressive personality

the role of organizational frustration in forming aggressive behaviors

the effects of a teacher's emotional abuse of a student

two forms of workplace abuse, "bullying" and "mobbing"

and many more!

Aggression in Organizations discusses in depth the effects of physical violence, sexual and emotional abuse, and bullying in various situations and institutions. Case studies illustrate examples that bring the latest empirical and applied research into clear focus. Insights are revealed into what can be done to prevent a future filled with violence as well as guidelines for treating people affected by aggressive acts. Each chapter is well-referenced and many include helpful diagrams and tables to enhance clarity.

Aggression in Organizations presents and explains:

an overview of workplace and school violence protection

a ten year clinical case study of an incident of workplace violence

factors influencing women's perceptions of a sexually hostile workplace

the emotionally abusive workplace

identifying the aggressive personality

organizational frustration and aggressive behaviors

creating respectful, productive workplaces

emotional abuse in the classroom

adult-student sexual harassment

a qualitative analysis of students and parents' immediate reactions to the shootings at Columbine High School

a school-wide bullying prevention program for elementary students

Aggression in Organizations is essential reading for psychologists, educators, organizational consultants, human resource professionals, school counselors, and social workers.