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The Rules of EQ (Rules of . . . series)

The Rules of EQ (Rules of . . . series)

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Savvy and timely, this quick tutorial in the uses of the Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a valuable tool in the arsenal of the effective business person or manager. IQ might get a worker through the front door, but EQ can open doors beyond that, allowing the smart business person to improve and capitalize on relationships at work. The books in this series are designed to be read in only a couple of hours and are perfect educational reading for a business trip. Rather than feeling like a mini-MBA course, the lessons are succinct and to the point. Chapters offer practical advice based on—but not mired in—solid EQ theory and are valuable in the daily context of a business career. Tactics discussed include understanding the thoughts and emotions of others, influencing the emotional states of others, knowing when to pick a battle and when to back down, and harnessing productive anger. Being intelligent is no longer enough to succeed in the world of business; those who want to get ahead quickly and efficiently will learn to make use of the lessons in emotional intelligence detailed in this handbook.