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Political Economy and the Changing Global Order

Political Economy and the Changing Global Order

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The Asian economic crisis, the Russian economic crisis, deepening European integration, the wildly fluctuating stock markets around the world, and rapid changes in technology all signal that the unprecedented change in the global economic order that charcterized the 1990s will continue.

What do these changes mean for the global economic order as we enter the new millennium? In thirty-three original, specially commissioned chapters, scholars from around the world provide an authoritative introductin to current and future trends in the theory and practice of international economic

Just as in the first edition of Political Economy and the Changing Global Order, each chapter is written with the student in mind. For this second ediion, twenty-five of the chapters are new and the majority of the others have been substantially revised. The concise, provocative arguments cover a
wide range of issues at the global and regional levels, as well as the way in which a variety of state ad non-state actors are responding to the force of globalization. A broad variety of theoretical perspectives is set out, and students are encouraged to examine the many different perspectives on
the changing global economy.