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Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes

Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes

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The highly successful textbook Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care is now available in its third edition. Over the years it has become the standard textbook in the field world-wide. It mirrors the huge expansion of the field of economic valuation in health care.

This new edition builds on the strengths of previous editions being clearly written in a style accessible to a wide readership. Key methodological principles are outlined using a critical appraisal checklist that can be aplied to any published study. The methodological features of the basic forms
of analysis are then explained in more detail with special emphasis of the latest views on productivity costs, the characterization of uncertainty and the concept of net beneit. The book has been greatly revised and expanded especially concerning analyzing patient-level data and decision-analytic
modeling. There is discussion of new methodological approaches, including cost effectiveness acceptability curves, net benefitregression, probalistic sensitivity analysis and value of information analysis. There is an expanded chapter on the use of economic evaluation, including discussion of the
use of cost-effectiveness thresholds, equity considerations and the transferabilty of economic data.

This new edition is required for anyone commissioning, undertaking or using economic evaluations in health care, and will be popular with health service professionals, health economists, pharmacists and health care decision makrs. It is especially relevant for those taking pharmacoeconomics