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Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas

Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas

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Provocative, timely and extensive in scope, Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas examines the changing role of architects and the particular professional dilemmas they face.
Architects and designers are constantly confronted by these ethical issues ranging from professional issues to more philosophical questions. Should architects spend some of their clients' money on features that would improve buildings even if they're not necessary or part of the clients' design brief? Who is architecture for? As the products of the architect's work are often in the public domain and reflect society's values, are architects too merely servants of society? What place does the professional architect-client relationship have in the 21st century? Can aesthetics be disassociated from ethics in a visual medium?
A cast of leading writers and practitioners tackle these questions from a range of perspectives across architecture, the building and design industries, social theory and philosophy to contribute to the growing literature in the sociology of the professions.