Academic Scientists at Work

Academic Scientists at Work

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Academic Scientists at Work guides the scientist on the journey from the end of a postdoctoral career to the point of promotion to Associate Professor.

This book focuses on the three aspects of promotion in an academic setting: Scholarship, Teaching, and Service. Valuable advice is provided on the following topics:

- Choosing and landing your ideal academic job

- Setting up and effectively managing the lab

- Obtaining funds

- Organizing, writing, and publishing your science

- Teaching and mentoring

- Organizing and performing academic service

- The promotion and tenure process

Templates and worksheets designed to help you navigate your career with point-by-point instructions on how to complete them are provided. All downloadable blank worksheets are contained on the accompanying CD-ROM. Included are six database program files that can be used to help the reader organize his or her laboratory specific reagents.

In addition to updating the contents of the previous version, this second edition includes a dozen articles written by the authors on managing your career that first appeared in Science's Next Wave.

Academic Scientists at Work is a valuable resource for the career scientist who demands and expects the best.