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Snap Out of It: 101 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut & into Your Groove

Snap Out of It: 101 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut & into Your Groove

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Snap Out of It is in the words of the author, "an inquiry, a solution, and a total tune-up. It invites us to consciously stop, re-activate, re-group, and delight in being alive. And it is a tonic of renewal and nourishment for our tired bodies, minds, and souls. Check out the 101 simple activities based on tried and true childhood fun, a little Chi Qong, some applied educational kinesiology, and a lot of innate intelligence. Our neurological systems [and us] thrive when we engage our five senses--sight, smell, touch/movement, sound, and taste. By unraveling the knots of habit, we can reawaken our spirit of play and bust out of our daily grind into a place of vitality, creativity, and ease." Adding even more spice to this already energetic romp, Segalove offers zany and juicy bits of her own life-stories (Segalove was friends with Rita Hayworth's daughter and created light-shows with Rita and Prince Ali Khan) along the way to shed further light on the sense at hand.

Divided into chapters to tend to each of the senses, exercises include "Shake It Out," "Yawn Loud and Big," "Eavesdrop to the Sounds of Your Own House," and "Beat Your Pulse." Also included are "Quick Snap" exercises and "More" exercises. Here's a "Quick Snap": Lightly click your teeth together for one full minute. And here's a "More": As you balance on one foot, notice how your entire foot, all twenty-six bones and thirty-three articulations, makes contact with the floor. Pay attention to how your weight bears down, toes spread, and leg stiffens. Standing is not stillness. It is perpetual movement. Balancing on one foot illuminates how nothing is static. Tall trees are always swaying in some fashion.