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Social and Community Informatics: Humans on the Net

Social and Community Informatics: Humans on the Net

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As a discipline, Informatics has over the years developed from a narrow focus on data processing and software development, towards an emphasis on people's use of technology and its impact on their working lives. The topic of human/computer interaction and the relationship between ICT and the social and psychological environment is attracting increasing interest. It is also increasingly part of the curriculum for both computing students and MIS under the umbrella of social informatics.

This book has been edited by an internationally recognized expert in this field who has been researching in this area for many years. Bradley provides a holistic analysis of the relationship between people, ICT, society and the environment. She examines the impact on organizations and individuals, both in the workplace and in the home, and explores issues including stress, power, and competence. Taking a firmly humanistic view she also looks to the future as ICT increasingly informs and impacts on our lives.

The book provides a uniquely research-based and cross-disciplinary resource which will be of interest to students and academics studying social informatics, computing and MIS as well as OB, sociology, psychology and communications.