The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies

The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies

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A decade on after it first published to international acclaim, the seminal Handbook of Organization Studies has been updated to capture exciting new developments in the field.

Providing a retrospective and prospective overview of organization studies, this Handbook continues to challenge and inspire readers with its synthesis of knowledge and literature. As ever, contributions have been selected to reflect the diversity of the field. New chapters cover areas such as organizational change, knowledge management and organizational networks.

Part I reflects on the relationship between theory, research and practice in organization studies.

Part II address a number of the most significant issues to effect organizations studies, such as leadership, diversity and globalization.

Comprehensive and far reaching, this important resource will set new standards for the understanding of organizational studies. It will be invaluable to researchers, teachers and advanced students alike.A

Praise for theA Second EditionA

“An excellent collection of papers giving a timely overview of the field”
—Gareth Morgan

“In this substantially updated, revised and extended edition of the widely acclaimed Handbook, the high standard of the contributions is maintained. Close consideration is given to newly emergent, such as networks and complexity, as well as more established topics. Metaphors of conversation and discourse are engagingly invoked to make and explore new distinctions, directions and connections. It is a key reference volume for more advanced students of this rapidly developing field”
—Hugh Willmott , Diageo Professor of Management Studies, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

“Giving the authors of the Handbook of Organization Studies the opportunity to revise and update their earlier contributions makes this Handbook unique. Comparing the revised chapters to their originals offers the reader unparalleled insight into how knowledge develops in our discipline. New frameworks and deeper understandings, grounded in continuing scholarship, abound in this updated classic”
—Mary Jo Hatch, C. Coleman McGehee Eminent Scholars Research Professor of Banking and Commerce McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia