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Instant Productivity Toolkit, The

Instant Productivity Toolkit, The

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"iAfter taking your program, my life has really taken a turn for the better.i oDaniel Lynn, Program Manager, Sun Microsystems Organization expert Len Mersonis strategy for managing information flow and structuring workspace helps readers establish a healthy discipline and gain more control of their timeofor the rest of their lives! Readers will learn how to set realistic goals that create more time for the things that really matterofamily, recreation, hobbies and personal time. The book teaches readers how to: i Maintain a clutter-free desktoponot a iwallpaperi of to-do lists i Go home every day with an empty email Inbox and all important calls answered i Measurably increase productivity, make fewer mistakes and employ more creativity on the job and in life i Enjoy reduced stress levels and the freedom to live an optimal life~"