The Journey to Greatness: And How to Get There!

The Journey to Greatness: And How to Get There!

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Find your way to greatness-and help others find their way-to happiness, fulfillment, and a life of meaning!

"Noah benShea has elevated the human spirit to great heights with his wisdom."
-Howard Schultz, Chairman
Starbucks Coffee

"Noah benShea is 'The Compass" because he has-with wisdom, compassion, and humor-helped so many of us find our way."
-Larry King, CNN

"Noah benShea’s work is insightful and timely."
-Gerald N. Tirozzi, Executive Director
National Association of Secondary School Principals

Greatness is not a destination, but how you travel; it’s within you, and within your grasp. In this book, you will find a road map that includes all you need for your journey to greatness. Author Noah benShea shows us how lifelong learning and a commitment to self-improvement through venues such as communication, caring, character, and peace can make all the difference. He celebrates this excursion while providing insightful and inspirational messages, life-changing lessons, and a personalized notebook that will make the work of getting to greatness a labor of love.

Here you will find:

  • Ways to identify the strengths in your life and how to strengthen yourself
  • A place to rest, renew your spirit, and re-orient your efforts
  • Ways to lead yourself to greatness and be a leader to others
  • The timeless wisdom of sages for anyone, at any age, at any moment in life

Understanding yourself, holding yourself in high regard, and choosing to pursue the greatness that lies within are the first steps on a journey that you will travel your entire life. As benShea reminds us, "Over every finish line are the words, 'Begin Here!'"