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Ireland And the Global Question (Irish Studies (Syracuse University Press))

Ireland And the Global Question (Irish Studies (Syracuse University Press))

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A look at how Ireland is affected by globalization yet maintains its financial, political, and social independence in a geopolitical world.

Ireland has been rated the number one place to live because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of a modern society—the world's fourth highest GDP per person and low unemployment—with the preservation of certain cozy elements of the old, such as stable family and community life.

Michael J. O`Sullivan presents the globalization of Ireland in a context of international trends in economics, international relations, and politics. His multi-disciplinary approach uncovers many of the weaknesses that lie behind the complacent and clichA©d view of the Celtic Tiger. In examining Ireland's great leap forward from a developing to a postindustrial economy, O`Sullivan offers valuable lessons to other countries.