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Time Off! The Leisure Guide to San Francisco (Time Off!)

Time Off! The Leisure Guide to San Francisco (Time Off!)

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For vacationers and permanent residents alike, Time Off! The Unemployed Guide to San Francisco offers practical advice for spending free time in the City by the Bay. More than just a travel guide, this book imparts a philosophy of leisure, showing how to get time off and use it without guilt. Practical advice, including finding odd jobs and one-day-long projects, provides innovative strategies for getting by without a regular job, while tips on saving money help make scant savings last. Chapters on volunteering and going back to school help readers use their leisure time wisely. For those who prefer to sightsee, little known facts and oft-ignored attractions complement the more established sights featured in the book, and primers on "Leisure Lingo" and "San Francisco's Wild Characters" can make anyone a seasoned leisure seeker in no time. A fun magazine-style layout, with punchy graphics and playful prose, helps keep readers' minds on leisure, while a full index of resources and topics makes navigation simple.