Environmental Management: For Sustainable Development (Routledge Environmental Management)

Environmental Management: For Sustainable Development (Routledge Environmental Management)

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Environmental management is a wide, expanding, and rapidly evolving field, which concerns all humans. There is no precise and universally agreed definition of environmental management but it plays a crucial role in the quest for sustainable development. Environmental management affects everybody from individual citizens, administrators, and lawyers, to businesses, governments, international agencies and non-governmental organizations.

This second edition explores the nature and role of environmental management, covering key principles and practice, and offers a comprehensive and understandable introduction, which points readers to further in-depth coverage. Among the themes covered are:

A· sustainable development
A· proactive approaches
A· the precautionary principle
A· the idea that the "polluter pays," and the need for humans to be less vulnerable and more adaptable.

With rapid expansion and evolution of the subject it is easy for those starting to study it to get disorientated, but this useful volume offers a structured coverage and foundation for further, more-focused interest. Environmental Management for Sustainable Development is a much revised, restructured and updated second edition accessible to all readers. It is illustrated throughout with figures, plates and case studies.