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Understanding EU Policy Making

Understanding EU Policy Making

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EU policy shapes all areas of our lives - from our money, to our food, to our welfare. Yet we know little about how EU decisions are made, and who benefits from them. This book is a critical guide to the policies of the EU.
Raj Chari and Sylvia Kritzinger argue that there is an agenda that underlies EU policy making. Some policies - those that aim to create a competitive economy - are prioritized, while others are effectively ignored.
Setting the EU in a proper economic and theoretical context, the authors provide a chapter-by-chapter analysis of each of the EU's major policy areas. Arguing that traditional accounts of EU integration are inadequate, the authors develop an innovative new perspective.
Written with clarity and precision, this book is ideal for students of the EU and anyone looking for an incisive critique of the role of corporate capital in the development of EU policy.

Формат издания: 13,5 см х 21,5 см.