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Economic And Political Contention in Comparative Perspective

Economic And Political Contention in Comparative Perspective

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European and American specialists in economic and political processes move beyond earlier debates to look seriously, systematically, and innovatively at social change and protest, with particular attention to the influence of economic change and variation on contentious politics. The essays take up two widely recognized but much-contested questions in contentious politics: how threats and opportunities faced by potential participants in joint political action affect the likelihood, character, and consequences of that action; and, how economic change and variation either (a) constitute significant political threats and opportunities or (b) shape responses to political threats and opportunities. The volume appeals especially to sociologists, political scientists, and students of public policy and international relations.

Contributors: Marc Giugni, Julie Berclaz, Marc Steinberg, Jeffrey Broadbent, Klaus Eder, John K. Glenn, Chris Tilly, Dieter Rucht, Richard Hogan, Maryjane Osa, Cristina Corduneanu-Husi.