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Globalization And Equity: Perspectives From The Developing World

Globalization And Equity: Perspectives From The Developing World

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This book analyzes the links between globalization and equity from the perspectives of seven regions: the Commonwealth of Independent States, East Asia and South Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

It presents the views of researchers from the developing world, voices that are seldom heard in the ongoing debate on globalization, and provides models of successful research conducted in developing and transition countries, thus promoting homegrown expertise.

The contributions from different regions reflect their disparate experiences and represent diverse positions on globalization and equity. Nevertheless, they reveal a fledgling consensus on the benefits of the developing world's entry into a global universe and the necessity for prudent adjustment to the perils of this endeavor.

Academics interested in the political economy and development studies as well as policy-oriented researchers and policymakers concerned with the challenges entailed by globalization will find Globalization and Equity of great interest.