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Teaching Economics: More Alternatives to Chalk And Talk

Teaching Economics: More Alternatives to Chalk And Talk

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This fascinating sequel to the 1998 Teaching Economics to Undergraduates provides more alternatives to the lecture and chalkboard approach that dominates university economics teaching. Distinguished contributing authors provide a wide range of innovative teaching techniques and examples aimed at more effectively engaging undergraduates in the learning of economics.

New topics covered in this volume include game theory, using active learning techniques in large classes, a streamlined content agenda for macroeconomic principles, distance learning, and assessment of student learning. Other chapters revisit topics from the first volume, though often from different perspectives or with new approaches provided by different authors. Topics covered in these chapters include cooperative learning techniques, using technology in the classroom (including dozens of websites), bringing the work of the Nobel Laureates into undergraduate classes, and teaching with experimental economics, case studies, or team writing assignments and presentations.