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Tibet Style

Tibet Style

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The intimate photographs in this volume magnificently celebrate Tibet's ethnic nomads, a displaced, endangered civilization of wisdom and beauty. Stark, stunning landscapes, fortress-like monasteries on high slopes and a bitterly cold winter climate form the magnificent setting for the extravagant fashions worn by the nomadic tribes that inhabit the region. Bearing all the wealth, pride, and honor they have inherited from their ancestors, their finery includes one-armed fur-lined coats, extravagant beaded necklaces, brightly colored fabrics with simple geometric patterns, chased silver jewels studded with semi-precious stones, silk brocade, and scarlet pulu robes laden with coral and silver jewelry. Their sophisticated sense of elegance is unrivaled and their special art of freedom and exuberance opens a new dimension to our traditional notions of Tibetan culture. The surprising originality and trend-inspiring nature of these photographs make this an idea source for fashion and interior designers alike, as well as a celebration of Tibetan culture.