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Inspiring and imaginative, Christmasland brings you into the warm, glowing, tiny landscapes of vintage elf villages, bottle-brush tree forests, and the glittery realm of Season's Greetings!

Ralph Del Pozzo and David High focus their wits and camera lens to take you on a visual sleigh ride through generations of holiday dA©cor certain to rekindle loving memories from the past. As with their previous book Christmas Ornaments: ReCollections, Del Pozzo and High draw on their extensive personal collections to evoke the holiday magic of days gone by. Christmasland is a nostalgic portrait of forgotten treasures, from light-up angels and mischievous pixies to a pinecone band that comes to life on the page. Combining lush photography, original package graphics, and lots of fond holiday recollections, this delightful book is a festive trip through the past and an inspirational gift for Christmases present and future.