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Chinese Design (Dover Pictura) (+ CD-ROM)

Chinese Design (Dover Pictura) (+ CD-ROM)

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This beautiful Dover Pictura volume includes 318 exotic examples of Chinese art and design. From the elegantly simple to the elaborately complex, it offers a remarkable diversity of images: animals, birds, fish, abstracts, patterns, and more.
  • 132 high-resolution, profiled color images for impeccable reproductions;
  • 186 black-and-white, 1200 dpi, bit-mapped, print-ready TIFF graphics;
  • 144 highly scalable, Vector-based EPS versions;
  • 72 dpi, Internet-ready JPEG graphics for all.
    Прилагаемый к изданию диск (CD-ROM) упакован в специальный целлофановый конверт и вложен внутрь книги.