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Screenprinting: The Complete Water-Based System

Screenprinting: The Complete Water-Based System

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With clear step-by-step instructions and over 250 illustrations—most in full color—this is the definitive guide to fine-art water-based screenprinting.

Screenprinting has never been so popular—and the water-based process is the best way to do it. This practical and inspirational resource book explains and describes methods and materials that replace traditional toxic screenprinting systems. It is the modern option: safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly, as well as quick to learn and accessible to all.

Whether you wish to print using photo stencils, paper stencils, or screen filler stencils, with opaque, translucent, metallic, pearlescent, or iridescent paints, on delicate Japanese paper, handmade bark paper, fabric, metal, or PVC, renowned practitioners and art educators Robert Adam and Carol Robertson show you how to do it.

The book covers every stage of the printing process and opens up new areas of creative possibilities, whether printing small editions or works for large-scale installations. From choosing which materials to use and how to use them, through setting up and equipping your own water-based screenprinting studio, to collating and presenting your finished prints, this comprehensive reference book—complete with glossary and list of international suppliers—is the only resource you'll ever need. 265 illustrations, 228 in color.