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The World on Sunday : Graphic Art in Joseph Pulitzer's Newspaper (1898 - 1911)

The World on Sunday : Graphic Art in Joseph Pulitzer's Newspaper (1898 - 1911)

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A visual smorgasbord from a legendary newspaper and its illustrious illustrators, this oversized book taps into the current craze for graphic novels and vintage comics. Joseph Pulitzers New York World flourished at the turn of the twentieth century, and out of it grew what we think of as the modern daily paper. The World was famous for muckracking and sensationalism, but to a contemporary eye what is most striking about the paper (and in particular the Sunday edition) is that it was filled with colorful artcaricatures, full-page cartoons, disaster drawings, fiction illustrations, hand-lettered typography, weird science, halftone photographs, maps, and more. For The World on Sunday, Baker and coauthor Margaret Brentano have selected 85 of the finest examples of period reporting, bold and playful graphic design, long-lost comic strips, and society pieces from the heyday of The World for reproduction in this delightful oversized volume. Bakers introductory essay argues the significance and beauty of Pulitzers paper, and Brentanos detailed captions and notes accompany the colorful reproductions throughout. The World on Sunday is a visual treasure trove that will appeal to newspaper and history buffs as well as graphic designers, artists, and writers.