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Print & Finish

Print & Finish

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Enhance graphic design with great print and finish techniques

* Dozens of print and finish techniques, each showcased with examples by top designers
* Handy, small format
* Highly visual throughout, with informative text and clear layout

How can printing and finishing techniques be used to enhance graphic design? Basics Design: Print and Finish explores that question in depth, with complete information that will be valuable to both graphic-design students and practicing designers. Concepts such as color building, reversing out, tints, shades, gradients, halftones, and computer-to-plate printing are all explained fully, with visual examples for each. Thermography, debossing, embossing, die cutting, varnishing, and other techniques are also covered in detail, with illustrations. Examples from top design studios illuminate the text and inspire readers to use these print and finish techniques in their own work.