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Montana Writer Team - Graffiti at Its Best

Montana Writer Team - Graffiti at Its Best

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Montana spray paint is probably the world's most known specialized graffiti spray paint. Since the year 2000 Montana supports a group of artists which they call the Montana Writer Team. All members - Atom, Cantwo, Dash, Smash 137 and Kent are internationally wellknown and respected artists in the graffiti scene; every one of them has been painting for at least 1 6 years. Since the foundation of the team, several times a year Montana organizes wall productions for these artists all over the world to do PR for the spray paint products. Meanwhile the team has been painting together in Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Poland, the USA, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark. For near future there are plans to go to Asia, South America and Australia.
Ruedione, one of the directors of Montana and photographer for several years, has been organizing this team from the first day on. On their trips he joins the team and it was also him who started doing artist portraits of each member. Thus the reader of the book Montana writer team will be enabled to experience the graffiti actions of the team and to gain an insight behind the curtain of each artist. How does Can2 live? Where does Smash 137 work? Questions that won't get answered to a 100% but you will have the chance to get certain impressions of who they are and what they do.