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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Lessons From the Third Sector

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Lessons From the Third Sector

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations is about exemplary leadership as found in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Taking a fresh approach to the study of leadership, the authors perform research in nonprofits both to understand and appreciate their complexities and to reach conclusions about the nature of leadership in any context, including for-profit and governmental entities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Case studies of nonprofit leadership that affirm public-minded, mission-driven leaders and acknowledge their contributions
  • Critical review of literature on leadership that encourages diversity in leadership models and approaches
  • Chapters on leadership constructs such as fit, dynamics, readiness and flow that provide useful insights and methods to enable success
  • Overarching concept of alignment that reframes leadership as an active process where the awareness of and response to the interplay of multiple, relevant factors matters more than charisma, pedigree or power

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations is an ideal core text for graduate courses in nonprofit leadership. It could be used as a supplementary text in graduate courses in organization development and leadership, as well as courses in community development, human ecology, and human services. In addtion, practitioners, managers, and nonprofit organizational stakeholders will find it of great interest.