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Dividend Capture

Dividend Capture

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For decades Wall Street pros practiced dividend capture to increase their returns from dividend paying stocks. Using dividend capture they made 28%, 38%, 50% or more on their money. When the great bull market of the 1980's began and people realized they could make huge returns buying hot tech and telecom stocks, dividend capture fell out of favor. Today that great bull market is over and it may be many years before a new bull market begins. Today it is again time for dividend capture. If you have a computer and an online brokerage account, you can now learn how to capture dividends the way the pros do.

Dividend Capture is not a book about buying and holding dividend paying stocks. Dividend Capture is a step-by-step manual that explains and teaches everything you need to know to begin a career doing dividend capture the way the Wall Street pros do it. Dividend Capture tells you how dividends really work, and how you can benefit from the closing of the dividend gap to create huge returns for yourself and your family whether the market trades up, down or sideways.