Playing the REITs Game: Asia's New Real Estate Investment Trusts

Playing the REITs Game: Asia's New Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Playing the REITs GAME.
Asia's New real Estate Investment Trusts.

A comprehensive guide to the history as well as detailing a thorough portrait of the fundamentals of the evolving REITs market in Asia. A wealth of information, this book highlights some of the winners, the losers, the shortfalls and the opportunities of this exciting and rewarding sector. It also provides an insight into the various regional markets and lists the REIT products available today.A —Danny Mohr, Executive Director, REITs Asia, CB Richard Ellis

REITs are fast becoming a growing force in Asia and this book explains what any investor needs to look for. Together with its well researched background to the evolution of REITs in Asia, it is also a fascinating read of industry professionals.A —Guy Hollis, International Director, International Capital Group, Jones Lang LaSalle, Hong Kong

A must-read for anyone interested in playing the REITs game in Asia. Well written, easy to read, comprehensive and yet concise. Case studies add color and flavor to the development of REITs in various Asian Countries.A —Wen Khai Meng, Chief Executive Officer CapitaLand Commercial Limited CapitaLand Financial Limited

The rapid growth of REITs has brought efficiency, liquidity and transparency to Asia's real estate markets. Dominic Whiting's book manages to capture the mood of investors and practitioners during this exciting period of change and gives a detailed blow-by-blow account of the story so far. Playing the REITs Game examines the sector from a wide variety of perspectives and will help introduce the sector to a wider audience.A —Chris Reilly, CFA, Director of Property, Asia, Henderson Global Investors