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Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms

Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms

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While there is significant interest in knowledge management as it applies to legal environments, there are very few books specifically focused on this topic. In Effective Knowledge Management For Law Firms, Matthew Parsons expertly fills this gap by draing on his work with a leading
commercial law firm, Mallesons Stephen Jaques. He examines how law firms can implement a knowledge strategy to support their business strategy, rather than getting beguiled by fads and technology. Parsons first outlines he terrain, including what knowledge management means, the business and
economics of law firms, and how lawyers work as knowledge workers. He then introduces a methodology for creating and implementing law firm knowledge strategy, which combines for te first time the interrelated aspects of recruiting, training, research, document production, information management,
and digital knowledge strategy. Parsons goes beyond theories to provide detailed, practical help for the analysis, implementation, an measurement of performance-increasing initiatives. This book will be an invaluable resource for all those involved with the management and leadership of law firms
and knowledge management initiatives.