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Soaring Like Eagles - ASM's High-Tech Journey in Asia

Soaring Like Eagles - ASM's High-Tech Journey in Asia

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An in-depth look at ASM Pacific Technology, the world’s top company in the semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment industry. Started in Hong Kong thirty years ago, it had to face many unfavorable conditions for high-tech in Asia (such as the lack of infrastructure and resources), the volatility of its industry, and severe competitions from companies in the U.S., Europe, andA Japan throughout its history. Nevertheless, it maintained profitability for all thirty years, grew organically and consistently, and today is significantly larger than any of its competitors.A

This book reviews the history of ASM’s growth, examines its success from differentiated strategies, leadership and culture, innovative practices, technologies and products. The management lessons along these dimensions are also explored in detail. The book also covers Asian-specific context, such as the establishment of an advanced manufacturing operation in mainland China, and explains its unique culture, challenges, and opportunities.A