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Transcendent Beauty: It Begins with a Single Choice...to Be!

Transcendent Beauty: It Begins with a Single Choice...to Be!

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As we take our first breath of air, our soul enters our physical body and fills us with a radiant light, as it gently whispers into every cell of every baby girl that we are beautiful. Our light is naturally dazzling, as we trust in ourselves and honor our choices. But as our mind begins to develop, it becomes very busy—excited with all that we’re learning. Impressed with our new power, we realize that with the right demands, others will take notice. That’s when a new voice begins to emerge: the “I” of the mind,” or the ego. It can be found by simply listening to the chatter that incessantly carries on in our brain. These voices tell us what we “should have done,” what we “must look like,” or how we “need to be.” It can talk so much, and so loud, that if we listen to it long enough we’ll become so distracted from our soul that our light, once vibrant and radiant, becomes dull and dim.

Often when we meet a person who’s beautiful, we say that they “lit up the room.” The transcendently beautiful have an inner beacon that’s brilliantly lit and brimming with bliss. They’ve learned how to attract light while calming the ego—knowing that when the mind abides by the soul, the body, in turn, is connected to this knowingness, and transcendent beauty follows. Such people live in harmony—their health is abundant, their bodies are agile and fit, and their minds are vibrant and inspired. And while most people talk about attractiveness as being merely physical, true beauty definitely comes from the soul.

Transcendent Beauty will take you on a journey where you’ll see how easy it can be to shine yourself. One day without warning a shift will occur, and you’ll suddenly realize that you’re no longer trying to be beautiful—you are!