American Car Spotters Bible 1940-1980

American Car Spotters Bible 1940-1980

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Spotting the best American-made cars is easy with this one-of-a-kind color guide! A follow-up to the Ultimate Car Spotter's Guide, the American Car Spotter's Bible 1940-1980 features vehicles from 250 different U.S. manufacturers in a familiar style, coupled with 8,000+ color illustrations.

Restorers and collectors searching for a specific make of car or a new project will appreciate the side, rear and interior views of each model. In addition to detailed illustrations, a quick glance gives car enthusiasts various technical specifications including weight, length, horsepower, distinguishing features and factory price. This indispensable reference gives collectors technical details they'll refer to again and again.

-Includes 8,000+ color photos and illustrations

-Features American-made cars of 1940 through 1980

-Unique format offers easy identification