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A View from the River: The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise

A View from the River: The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise

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There is no better way to see downtown Chicago---a dazzling canyon of glass, metal, masonry, and marble---than by taking the Chicago Architecture Foundation's River Cruise.

The Chicago River affords one of the best vantage points from which to enjoy this city's remarkable buildings and historic sites. The Foundation's open-air boats provide comfort and an unobstructed view, while its exceptionally knowledgeable and witty docents enrich the tour with commentary on Chicago's history and development, insights on how its world-class buildings came to be constructed, and stories of the visionaries who designed them. To round out this mix of visual euphoria and intellectual edification, there's a brief and fascinating overview of Chicago's dominant stylistic influences: the Chicago School, Art Deco, the International Style, and Postmodernism. The tour is a great way for visitors to learn about the city---and a source of fresh perspectives for those who live there.

Forty-three stunning Hedrich Blessing photographs convey the splendor and diversity of downtown Chicago's building---all featured attractions of the Foundation's cruise. The text, by longtime Chicago Tribune contributor Jay Pridmore, tells the story of Chicago's early history and reviews the significance of the Chicago River in the development of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.