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The Money Making Power of Gold: Timeless Strategies for Profits

The Money Making Power of Gold: Timeless Strategies for Profits

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"Gold is hot. Gold is more volatile than ever... and it is more interesting now than ever before. Today's agenda is set by expansions of production, a potential bond crash, and budget deficits around the globe." The allure of gold trading is both enticing and mysterious, wrapped in a history of kings, wars, and empires. Even with today's complex global markets, gold remains a fascinating and immensely huge topic, pulling in those who desire an understanding of gold's volatile place in the events of economics and politics. This book was created for anyone who wants to understand a modern opportunity in terms of its current world condition, and its volatile past. Find out how gold affects nations, and how gold reacts to changes in production, bond crashes, deficits - all the dynamics that divide the winners from the losers. Above all, discover a financial world once thought of as a paradise for curmudgeons, now a vibrant market large enough to take a lifetime to master. • Understand the complex markets involved in gold trading. • Make winning decisions by knowing the history and status of global trade. • Grasp the most important trading strategies such as arbitrage and carry trades. • Know who you are up against by understanding CTAs and hedge funds. If you see any risk in the economics situation today, or if you just want to expand into a lucrative market, then this book is a perfect entrance into trading and diversification through gold. As with any form of business decision, it’s best to know the big picture.