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2007 Current Text (Accounting Standards Current Text)

2007 Current Text (Accounting Standards Current Text)

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The FASB current text is a topical integration of currently effective accounting and reporting standards. Material is drawn from FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Standards and FASB Interpretations, AICPA Accounting Research Bulletins and APB Opinios. Volume I (General Standards) contain those standards that are generally applicable to all enterprises. Volume II (Industry Standards) contain specialized standards that are applicable to not-for-profit organizations and enterprises operating in specifi industries. Each year these manuals are updated to reflect changes in standards.

* Material not contained in the standards section of an original pronouncement is included where necessary to help the reader understand or implement the current textbr>
* Integrates financial accounting and reporting standards according to the major subject area to which they apply and contains a source reference to the Original Pronouncements