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Wood: Materials for Inspirational Design

Wood: Materials for Inspirational Design

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Wood has been a traditional material for furniture and architecture. It is used today more for its aesthetic qualities and is currently enjoying renewed status as a highly fashionable and desirable material. Wood features classic wooden products, alon with unusual contemporary applications...veneered wall coverings, Norwegian sustainable housing, musical instruments, boats, and even a bath and bicycle all make appearances. Numerous processes are covered - including carving, staining, veneering, mouldig, and pulping - and all types of wood, from oak to lime, are represented. Each page features a bite-sized introduction to the material, application and techniques used, plus essential information for designers on where to look on- and offline for further information. Like other titles in the acclaimed 'Materials for Inspirational Design series' Wood is cross-referenced for ease of use, and features an invaluable, authoritative reference section.